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Girl drinking milk and petting cow
Maola Milk

Nutrients to Help Kids Grow

A growing child needs the right nutrients to ensure healthy development. Milk is one of the highest recommended drinks for kids by healthcare providers according to sources, and with good reason. With 13 essential nutrients in every glass, milk is the perfect drink to support children in their developmental years.

It is recommended that kids drink at least two glasses of milk a day, especially during their primary growth years of one to eight. The benefits of milk are not just physical, but also mental and emotional. Milk helps kids develop strong bones and teeth, but experts also say milk has positive effects on brain development, cognitive function, and mood. Every glass of milk provides more than the recommended amount of calcium and vitamin D. It is also an excellent source for protein and contains vitamins B12 and B2, which are both important to growth and development.

In addition to growth, milk helps to boost your immune system and turns food into fuel – both necessary benefits for growing bodies. Regular consumption along with a balanced diet helps kids stay energized throughout the day and ready to take on a busy day at home, school, or anywhere!

It can sometimes be a challenge to get kids to drink milk or try new flavors and textrures. You can explore by adding it in their foods, trying flavored milk, or letting them taste at their own pace. Continue to introduce it in different meals, and you might be surprised how they adjust! As a local, family farm owned business, we love bringing you and your families nutritious milk products you can count on.

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