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Our Story

Sustainable Milk from Around the Corner

At Maola Milk, we’re proud to bring you local, sustainable milk that has been nourishing communities since 1920. As a family farmer-owned cooperative, we have a deep passion for providing fresh, nutritious, and sustainably produced dairy products.   

Our dairy farm families take great pride in their work, knowing they play a vital role in nourishing their communities and preserving the environment. This pride is carried on through the people at our bottling facilities who ensure the milk you buy is fresh from farm to fridge.  

We invite you to join our community and learn more about our farmers and our unwavering promise to provide you with the finest milk in every glass—all while embracing sustainability practices that actively reduce our carbon footprint and improve local water quality.  

From Our Families To Yours

Our dairy farm families work every day with you in mind. Bringing you the best tasting and sustainably produced milk is what is important to them since they own our company. Meet some of our dairy farm families and learn more about why they care for their cows, their land, and their local communities.