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Billboard with Milk Bottle that reads Hydrates Better Than Water
Maola Milk

Milk: Hydrates Better Than Water

It’s been a long day, or perhaps you just completed a strenuous workout, and you’re ready to quench your thirst with the most hydrating drink you can think of. Did you go to your refrigerator and grab the milk?

According to studies, milk is one of the best beverages for pre- and post-workout hydration even better than water. This is due to milk’s natural electrolytes, proteins, and carbohydrates.

As you sweat, you lose fluids, which increases your risk of dehydration. This can cause you to lose electrolytes, which are vital to regulating your system and balancing the fluids in your body. Milk not only contains natural electrolytes but also restores your energy and helps keep you active throughout the day. Low-fat or fat-free milk has been shown to rehydrate the body more effectively after a strenuous workout by maintaining normal hydration status for longer than water or sports drinks. 

Additionally, milk includes whey protein, which helps send a signal to your body that you are getting the hydration you need, as well as carbohydrates — another essential nutrient that provides the primary source of energy in milk. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, three servings of dairy are suggested for a well-balanced diet, which is covered by just one glass of milk! Beyond hydration, milk does not spike your blood sugar and delivers a powerful combination of 13 essential nutrients that aid muscle repair and support immune health such as vitamins A, D, and B12. It is also rich in calcium, which helps build and maintain strong teeth and bones.

It’s no secret that athletes are fans of milk. It has both great taste and nutrients that help to repair and rebuild muscle quickly. Instead of betting on empty calories, athletes use milk and milk-based drinks like protein shakes to stay lean and ready to perform. 

So next time you feel dehydrated or need some extra energy during exercise, go for that glass of Maola Milk for a beverage with better hydration than water!

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