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New Year's Resolutions

How Maola farmers are including YOU in their resolutions

Each new year is a fresh opportunity to make positive changes, set ambitious goals, and foster growth. As we come into a new year, the dedicated farmers at Maola also set resolutions that center around their farms, their animals – and YOU! 

“My New Year’s Resolution this year is to keep my cows happy and healthy and produce milk for our communities,” said Thomas French (pictured), a Maola farmer in Virginia. French is just one of the many Maola farmers that works everyday on your behalf, bringing nutritious products for your nourishment.  

In Maryland, Nicole from Linden Hall Farm also has her cows in mind with her New Year’s Resolution. 

“Our New Year’s Resolution this year is to build a new milking facility and barns to improve cow comfort and efficiency,” Nicole said. New barns will help keep cows cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A new milking facility will use modern technology to bring efficiency to the family’s time and a more comfortable environment for the cows.  Some Maola farmers are choosing to include sustainability in their New Year’s Resolutions. 

 “Our 2024 New Year’s resolution is to continue to have happy and healthy cows and to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Molly McWilliams, a Maola farmer from J-Team Dairy in Virginia. 

Reducing the carbon footprint of her farm is already a priority for Molly. In 2023, the family hosted 30 volunteers to plant 220 trees along a local tributary that drains to the Chesapeake Bay. The planting was just a small part of the more than $70 million that Maola dairy farmers have been awarded through public and private grants to put new sustainability practices into place. The practices help ensure that Maola farmers are keeping the land sustainable for years to come while also bettering their local rivers and streams for cleaner water. 

But perhaps the resolutions that resonate the most are those that take a holistic approach to dairy farming. 

 “My 2024 resolution is to get up every day, take care these animals, this land,” said Joanna Shipp, a Maola farmer in Virginia.  “But also to do some kind of small improvement each day. Maybe that’s a new technology for sustainability or a more efficient way to make milk. After a year of small improvements, the result will be much more impactful.” 

Maola’s dairy farmers are making resolutions to enhance the quality of their product, their land, and their lives. And it makes a big impact. But also know that these resolutions impact your life too. When you choose Maola, you’re choosing local farmers who prioritize sustainable dairy farming. And we believe that is a resolution we can all embrace together. 

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