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Maola Milk | Women in Farming - Sadie
Day in the Life

Sadie | Red Edge Farm

If one thing is known about Gen Z, it’s that they have a passion for being themselves in every way and forging their own paths. At just 21 years old, Sadie, one of our local Maola family farmers, owns her own herd – no small feat for a young woman her age. Living by the mantra, “Let them be cows first,” Sadie’s focus is ensuring that her cows can be themselves in every way – something she values strongly in her own life.

A daughter of two farmers, it wasn’t long before Sadie knew that she wanted to pursue farming.  She grew up on Red Edge farm with her parents, TJ and Chastity, and younger brother, Shane.  She’s very close with her father, describing him as one of her greatest inspirations: “I’m a daddy’s girl if you can’t tell!” As an avid farmer, Sadie was already participating in cattle showmanship at a young age; her mother has photos of her strapped in the car seat, as the family went to show cows across the nation – something which Sadie enjoyed very early on.  When she was old enough to work her first official job, her father encouraged her to work outside the family business, primarily beef farming. “It was important to him that we knew how to work with anybody, not just family.” This job led Sadie to the world of dairy farming, and it was during this time she knew this was the right direction for her career.

Her family owns another Maola family farm, complete with a new property that has upgraded features for the cows. Being progressive in cow comfort is important to Sadie and her family. From her knowledge learned at Red Edge and other dairy opportunities along the way, Sadie now has her very own herd, one which she affectionately refers to as the Timeless Jerseys. Using the acronyms of her father, TJ, Timeless Jerseys is Sadie’s pride and joy, and a manifestation of all her hard work in her teen years. When asked about her experience as an operator so far, she emphasizes just how important knowing the details is. “We have a heavy focus on logistics and how we can make processes better and more efficient, keeping in mind that cow comfort is the most important factor,” says Sadie.

Cow comfort is easily the pride of Timeless Jerseys. From checkups to cow manicures, Sadie’s herd lives what she fondly calls, “the high life.” She enjoys spoiling and spending quality time with them.  “They’re my comfort in a way, I know nothing but cows. We showed other animals as far as sheep and goats, but I grew up knowing cows best.” She is passionate about building Timeless Jerseys to be the best farm it can be, with a reputation for high standards when it comes to cow care.

Sadie is excited about her future in farming. She has plans to continue to grow her herd of cows and ensure they are receiving the best care possible at Timeless Jerseys. As a younger farmer, she sees the future of farming as a challenge, but one that she’s up to. “We must protect what we have. That’s how you keep farming going.” With an impressive resume at just 21 years old, it’s clear that farming is in good hands with dedicated women like Sadie. A true leader of the next generation of farmers, we are excited to have Sadie as a part of our family here at Maola.

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