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Maola Milk | Women in Farming - Nicole
Day in the Life

Nicole | Linden Hall Farm — Maryland

For local Maola family farmer Nicole, nothing feels more like home than being out on a farm with her cows. Growing up on a farm, Nicole learned about the ins and outs of dairy, and the incredible impact agriculture has on her local community.

She remembers naming them alongside her mother, taking the time to get to know each bovine one by one. Nicole was a part of several agricultural organizations throughout her childhood, including being a Maryland and National Brown Swiss and Holstein Association Member, and was a former dairy pageant winner at a national level. With all her accomplishments, cow comfort and community education are at the heart of her work. She still knows all her cows by name, referencing her childhood as the catalyst for her love of cows today as she manages and operates the farm with her boyfriend, Brian.

As one of the operators of Linden Hall Farm, Nicole has various duties around the farm. From taking care of their herd to leading farm education tours, Nicole feels lucky to spend her days doing what she loves. Not only does she work on the farm, but she is also responsible for handling most of the business side of Linden Hall Farm, including the marketing and social media efforts. Nicole is proof that women in farming can do anything they set their minds to, as she runs the gamut from operations to milking cows. Women have the tools to do it all!

Educating her community about food sourcing is a major contributor to Nicole’s passion for the dairy industry and her family farm. She feels farming is vital to the world. “It helps customers learn where their food comes from,” says Nicole. She shares with visitors how Linden Hall Farm grows produce for their on-site farm store, which has a host of options for the local community to choose from. Consumer education in relation to dairy farming is important to Nicole because it guides members of her community about how to make better nutritional choices, and encourages them to support not only Linden Hall Farm but farmers everywhere.

With her broad experience and passion for agricultural education, Nicole is continuing a legacy of integrity and pride through food sourcing – something she hopes to continue to do for years to come.

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