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Raised on a local Maola family farm, Kaitlyn has always had a special connection with cows, and a passion for helping others understand just how important farming is. A tradition in her family for over 60 years, dairy farming came naturally to Kaitlyn. She is the brain behind naming most of their cows, detailing how they each have their own special traits and personalities. Her favorite cow, Luxury, has been Kaitlyn’s pride and joy since she was just nine years old. Since learning how to take care of cows from a young age, Kaitlyn knew that dairy farming was the right choice for her career. She works full-time on the family farm alongside her parents, Andrea and Duane, and five other siblings, who each have their own roles on the farm.

Kaitlyn is passionate about dairy, which is showcased through her work in the local community.  She has participated in several dairy industry events and community organizations where she participates in meaningful agricultural programs. A huge feat for a then 17 year old, she was crowned the 2021-2022 Somerset County Dairy Princess, a title that has allowed her to impact her local area through dairy education.

Under her title, Kaitlyn has worked with local schools and community groups to promote dairy nutrition, coming up with unique ways such as her skit, “Dairy Detective,” to explain the nutritional value of milk. She has also spoken a lot about “Bridging the Language Gap,” which is an educational initiative she created that is geared towards helping adults familiarize themselves with dairy industry terminology, which may not always be understood by the public. She believes by providing more insight into the world of dairy, consumers can better understand where their food comes from.

It’s clear to see that Kaitlyn has a bright future when it comes to the world of dairy. As a member of Gen Z, she already has a unique vision for farming in the future and believes that connecting people to the farm is the key. Through her advocacy work and commitment to advancing dairy education in her local community, Kaitlyn has already begun paving the way for the next generation of dairy farmers. Here at Maola, we are proud to support farmers like Kaitlyn, who are passionate about creating learning opportunities for their local communities and beyond.

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  • Evelyn Estevez says:

    Kaitlyn, you are an amazing young ambassador for the dairy industry and farming. Keep up the great work! Lulu is a beautiful bovine! Thanks for all you do.

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