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Maola dairy farmer Jeni and one of her daughters milking a cow together.
Day in the Life

Jeni | Misty Meadow Farm — Smithsburg, Maryland

Meet Jeni, one of our local Maola family farmers at Misty Meadow. A hardworking wife, girl mom of four, and Maola dairy farmer, Jeni operates one of Maola’s multi-generational family-owned farms, Misty Meadow Farm, located in Smithsburg, Maryland with her brother, Andrew, and her husband, Justin.

A typical day for Jeni starts around 3 a.m., getting the cows ready for their first milking — which takes about 3.5 hours to milk all 120 cows. She is often joined in the barn with her playful dog, Skye. At Jeni’s farm, cows only milk for around five minutes twice a day before they go about their day of grazing in the sun, napping outside, and roaming free on the farm. How’s that for a short workday

Although the first round of milking is done by early morning, Jeni’s work as a dairy farmer is just getting started.  A lot goes into running a dairy farm, and a typical day for Jeni might range from changing bedding to herding cattle, or even delivering a baby calf! By 3 p.m., she’s back to milking and her workday typically ends whenever the sun goes down.

Jeni is passionate about cows, and ensuring they are comfortable and happy on the farm is a priority. After all, happy cows produce healthy milk! When milking, Jeni follows a routine milking procedure to ensure her cows are clean and comfortable, and even applies a lotion to the cows’ udders after milking to ensure they are moisturized and happy. The same way that we brush our hair, Jeni and her daughters regularly brush their cows’ coats not only so they look good, but so they stay clean as well. With the health of her cows a top priority, Jeni also has a veterinarian visit Misty Meadow Farm once a month to ensure her cows are properly cared for, and so any issues can be spotted and taken care of immediately.

Knowing the cows’ personalities is a huge part of Jeni’s love for farming. Mimosa, a three-year-old emotional support cow who has a huge personality, is one of Jeni’s favorites. Mimosa often will find Jeni or her daughters and sneak up next to them, looking for hugs or pats. Jeni’s daughters Addi, Vivian, Jillian, and Ella, also love dairy farming, and each has their own favorite cows. They even help Jeni name them, making sure to pay special attention to their personalities to ensure the name fits perfectly.

Girl power is the true fuel of this farm. From helping their mom with milking and cleaning, to each having their special cow they dote on, these four sisters are well on their way to continuing the Misty Meadow farming legacy for years to come.

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