Maryland Maola farmer Jamie with her kids Levi (L) and Zach (R) and their cows Twinkle and Alana

Did You Know Dairy Products Can Be “Green”?

…and we don’t mean the color green! You can drink milk and go green for the earth when you choose sustainably farmed dairy products like Maola. Behind our signature farm-to-table look and Instagram Reels showing off our adorable cows, we’ve been making changes directly at the farm level to make our communities more sustainable. So come on in, get comfy, and discover what sustainable milk from around the corner truly means. Learn why our dairy is different from anything else on your shelf, how we’re working to actively reduce our carbon footprint, and how we plan to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality by 2050.

This is dairy done sustainably. This is milk for your community. This is Maola.

Starting Locally & Thinking Globally

At Maola, we like to start small & think big. We’re always thinking about the earth, but when it comes to our products, proximity between farm & shelf is a must, not only because it’s fresher for you, but because it’s better for our environment too. The milk that we give our families is the same milk that we share with our communities, so when you see Maola in your refrigerated aisle, you know it was produced & packaged as close as 40 miles away from where you’re standing. In 2021, each lb of Maola Milk generated 1.108 lbs of CO2e, which is lower than the industry average of 1.175. You can taste the difference that short distance makes as we continue to seek out more ways to reduce our footprint and become more efficient.

Maola is made in your community, for your community, and (as always) with the whole world in mind. Nutritious, delicious, and so Maola good (for you and the community)!

Dairy That’s Good for Maryland Families & the Planet

If you’re a city-loving native or even in the suburbs, you might not think about the farms producing the milk you pick up for your kids at the store. Living in the city doesn’t mean missing out on local goodness—at least not with us. You can think of us like the farm-stand in the refrigerated aisle of your local Food Lion, Giant or Target. We’re firm believers that convenience shouldn’t mean compromising on taste or being good for the earth.

…because it’s not just milk. It’s a commitment to community, both big and small, from the earth to our homes here in Maryland. Check out what our co-op is doing to improve water quality & more in your Chesapeake Bay Area.

Farming with Purpose

Every Maola purchase gives back to your community by helping Chesapeake Bay farmers to actively reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and achieve their sustainability goals. When farmers are able to put more sustainable practices in place, the Chesapeake Bay Area becomes an even better, more sustainable place not only today, but for future generations to come.

We’re able to make our Chesapeake Bay healthier, happier, & more sustainable by implementing soil conservation practices such as no-tilling and cover crops, which help make our soil and water supply happier & healthier too.
Our friends at the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay partner with us to help us farm smarter and more sustainably—for you, for our community, for our cows, and for our earth.
Every Maola farmer is a member of the National Dairy Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) program, which ensures that they learn the best ways to care for their animals, environment, and workforce.
We learn and track the carbon and energy footprint of our farms and milk supply through Environmental Assessments, so that we can actively reduce and improve our footprint.

The Maola Mission

Imagine a milk that takes farm fresh local to the next level – the sustainable level. Where the quest for fresh milk is matched only by the journey to greenhouse gas neutrality. We’re determined to lessen our environmental impact for generations to come. With this determination comes our passion for making nutritious & sustainable dairy products accessible to all, and especially to those who want to make a meaningful difference in their communities. So we pay attention: to the communities we provide for, the way we treat our farmers, and the practices we put in place for our earth. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow along on our socials to join the mooovement.

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The Creamy Taste of a Greener Future

The tastiest way to support us! Our “green” dairy farming co-op wouldn’t be possible without the support of our customers. By purchasing farm fresh Maola products you help us work towards a clean water supply & a more sustainable environment for the Baltimore and greater Maryland community…and you get farm fresh delicious dairy!

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Did You Know?

On a farm only 40 Miles from Baltimore…

We’re preserving our soil…with no-till farming & cover crops.

We’re protecting our water quality…by planting trees as buffer zones, practicing manure management & keeping our animals out of waterways.

We’re producing award-winning milk…our 150 cows have won the Milk Quality Award twice!

On a farm only 44 Miles from Baltimore…

We’re working with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRSC)…to support nutrient-rich soil through minimizing manure runoff and composting to make fertilizer.

We’re working with the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay…to help farms become more efficient through modern housing for cows and using cover crops.

On a farm 88 Miles from Baltimore

Proud to be…five generations of family farmers producing Maola milk

Proud to be…three-time recipients of the Milk Quality Award

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