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Heavy Whipping Cream

Maola Heavy Whipping Cream is available in quart sizes.

Every kitchen needs a quart of Maola Heavy Whipping Cream in the fridge. With just two ingredients, it gives your soups and sauces the consistency they need, so your meals can reach their full potential of deliciousness. Plus, it’s perfect for whisking into soft, voluminous whipped cream for a tasty finishing touch on all of your scrumptious desserts!

Nutrition Facts

Serving size = 1 tbsp (15mL) | % Daily Value

Total Fat - 5g

Total Carb. - <1g

Protein - 0g

Calcium - 10mg


Cream, and Less Than 0.5% of: Gellan Gum

Contains: Milk

Frequently Asked Questions

What is heavy whipping cream?

Heavy cream or heavy whipping cream is made from the high-fat portion of fresh milk. When fresh milk sits, the heavy, highest fat part rises to the top. This part is skimmed from the top and consists of 36–40% fat, which is higher than all varieties of milk and half-and-half.

Can you use heavy whipping cream instead of milk?

Heavy whipping cream can be used as a substitute for milk, but must be diluted first. Given its very high fat content, you can Use ½ cup of heavy whipping cream and ½ cup water as a replacement for 1 cup milk. 

What is heavy whipping cream used for?

Heavy whipping cream whips great and holds its shape for quite a long time. Because of these qualities, heavy whipping cream is used in pastry fillings, whipped toppings, and frosting. Heavy whipping cream can also be used for soup and sauce recipes such as vodka sauce and butternut squash soup.

Is heavy whipping cream gluten free?

Yes, heavy whipping cream is naturally gluten free. 

Can you put heavy whipping cream in coffee?

Yes, as described above, you can use equal parts heavy whipping cream and water to replace milk. But you can also go a step further and whip the heavy whipping cream to create a delicious topping for your favorite hot or iced coffee beverage.

How many calories are in heavy whipping cream?

A 1 tablespoon serving of heavy whipping cream contains 50 calories.