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The Hoff Family


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Meet Your Farmer

The Hoff Family | Maryland

In the beautiful hills of western Carroll County, Maryland, Matt Hoff and his wife Debbie run Coldsprings Farm, a place where caring for animals and the land goes hand in hand. This farm has been in the family since 1869, and today, it's known for its delicious milk and its love for the environment.

Matt and Debbie believe in treating their cows with utmost care. The cows eat a healthy, nutrient-packed diet and even sleep on soft mattresses bedded with sawdust. It’s all about keeping them comfortable and healthy because that means they’ll produce the highest quality milk.

Matt is passionate about protecting the land. Long ago, the farm started using cover crops. These cover crop plants help keep the soil healthy and stop it from washing away. The farm also doesn’t plow the land, which helps keep the key nutrients in the soil and out of the streams.

What makes Coldsprings Farm even more special is how Matt is always thinking about tomorrow. He’s constantly looking for ways to farm better, not just for his family but for the whole community. He purposefully works with other groups to make sure the farm is kind to nature. This means cleaner water and more wildlife returning coming back to the area thanks to his practices.

Matt often encourages other farmers to think about the future too, which contributes to a unified dairy community committed to a better tomorrow. Coldsprings Farm is more than just a place; it’s Matt and Debbie’s way of showing love for their cows, their land, and all of us who enjoy their milk.