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The Doody Family


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Meet Your Farmer

The Doody Family | Maryland

The Doody Family have been farming in Maryland since the 1980's. Now, the next generation is actively working on the farm every day and looking towards a sustainable future as the family participated in a recent tree planting.

The Doody’s farm, Tulip Pond Farm, was started in the 1980’s by Carole and David Doody. The family has been on the ground in Union Bridge, Maryland ever since. Now helping on the farm is daughter Cathleen Wastler, who serves as a member of the Leadership Council, a group of Maola dairy farmers that help guide the direction of the company. The couple’s second daughter, Carissa, can often be found on the farm with her children Leroy and Loretta as well.

The family milks around 180 cows and has 700 acres of land. In 2023, the Doody’s planted around an acre of trees that help to create a riparian buffer. The buffer helps to protect a waterway on their farm from erosion and runoff. The planting included local species like oaks, maples, and willows.