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Misty Meadow Farm


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Meet Your Farmer

Misty Meadow Farm | Maryland

Jeni has been milking cows at her family’s multi-generational since she was four. Now, she and her daughters employ a lot of “girl power” and family bonding to take care of Misty Meadow Farm’s 120 cows on a daily basis.

Growing up on a farm, Jeni Malott remembers milking cows alongside her father at just four years old. At that moment she knew she would become a farmer. A hardworking wife, girl mom of four, and Maola dairy farmer, Jeni operates one of Maola’s multi-generational family-owned farms in Maryland with her brother, Andrew and her husband, Justin.

She spends a lot of time with her dairy cows, starting her day in the wee hours of the morning at 3 a.m. The same way that you can identify your friends, Jeni can tell her cows apart by their different spots, sizes, and personalities. If you asked her to pick a favorite cow, she’d tell you it’s impossible. She loves each of the cows individually for their fun, wacky personalities — and they love her too. Mimosa, a three-year-old emotional support cow, is one of Jeni’s favorites and is often seen with her around the farm. “I love their personalities; I love working with them. I think they’re just amazing animals,” says Jeni. It’s no doubt that being with cows is Jeni’s favorite part of being a dairy farmer.

Girl power and family are at the heart of Jeni’s farm. When she isn’t caring for cows, she’s busy raising her four daughters — Addi, Vivian, Jillian, and Ella, who all help out on the farm, and even help Jeni name the cows. Each name is chosen with the cow’s ‘family’ name in mind. For example, Hot Sauce, Addi’s favorite cow, belongs to the ‘Spice’ family, whose mother’s name is Thyme and grandmother’s name is Nutmeg. From helping their mom with milking the cows to helping with the upkeep of the farm, these four sisters are well on their way to continuing the family’s farming legacy and being the fifth generation to work the farm.