Our Story

Fresh Dairy Goodness since 1920

Since 1920, the local dairy farm families who supply Maola fresh milk have been at the heart of everything we do! Each farm is unique, but there is one thing our farmer-owner families have in common – a shared passion for nourishing their communities with fresh, wholesome dairy goodness. Maola’s family of dairy farmers rise and shine each morning because they take great pride in what they do, and they are committed to doing it the right way.

With Maola, you know it’s fresh from farm to fridge because we are a proud brand of the Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative AssociationWith family-owned dairy farms spanning several Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states, our commitment to deliver 100% fresh, 100% local milk has never been stronger. We ensure the Maola milk you enjoy at home traveled from a dairy farm near you to the closest bottling center and then back to your favorite retailer.

We invite you to learn more about our community, our farmers, and our promise that we deliver with each and every glass.