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Santa holding Maola Whole Milk
Maola Milk

Milk Fuels Santa

The world’s largest trip is just weeks away. Day in and day out, elves are hard at work preparing for one of the biggest holidays of the year. Snow is starting to fall as toys are assembled, gifts are boxed, and sleigh routes are planned. With all the buzz around the North Pole, Santa is going to need his energy a nutrient powerhouse to help him refuel after his stops.

You know that saying, “You get what you give”? Well, it’s true. When you leave out cookies and Maolo Milk for Santa, you’re helping him stay energized throughout the long holiday season. You might think that Santa only drinks milk on Christmas Eve, but he enjoys a cold glass of milk all year round! His trip is the longest of the year, so if you leave him some cookies and milk, he’ll be able to visit millions of homes without getting tired.

Maola Milk contains nutrients like electrolytes and carbohydrates that naturally help your body rehydrate, maintain healthy bones, and assist in muscle repair. With millions of toys to haul, chimneys to climb, and reindeer to coordinate, Santa must pay special attention to his health. The protein in milk helps him to recover from all the holiday activities he has to check off of his list. It also provides him with an extra boost of energy when he needs it most. Milk is full of calcium that helps keep Santa’s bones healthy and strong. Mrs. Claus always makes sure Santa has milk with every meal, but she likes to have him drink a little extra before December 24th.

As you sit out your cookies and Maola Milk this Christmas Eve and follow a custom that dates back to the 1930s, remember that you are giving Santa the boost he needs to spread cheer all over the world this holiday season!

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    I will only purchase Maola Milk so at times I have to go to different Food Lions to get it. I refuse to buy off brand milk!

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