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Farmer Roddy
Farmer Focus


This week, we would like to recognize one of our dairy farmers and board members, Roddy. Roddy is an innovative first-generation dairyman who saw an opportunity for success by implementing sustainable practices to improve efficiency, protect the environment, and ensure his family’s future in the dairy industry.

He’s a dairy farmer with great attention to detail and a strong passion for calf health management. Roddy believes calf care is the key longevity of a herd. To ensure the best calf care, Roddy has special employees dedicated to caring for the calves. He doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to calf care. For example, giving colostrum, which is the milk that is first produced by the mother, to the calves at birth, as well as vaccinations and providing clean, warm bedding for the calves. Roddy likes to think of his cows as his family and provides them with the utmost care. His team provides their cows with a loving lifestyle, including their very own “spa” where the cows get groomed and trimmed regularly. The best milk comes from the healthiest and happiest cows!

Farmer Roddy

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