Recipes & Tips

Make it with Milk

Instead of using water in your rice, pasta and soup recipes, substitute Maola milk. Not only does this increase the calcium and other nutrients in your meal, it also increases the flavor.

Kick start your Morning

You and your family need a solid breakfast before starting your hectic day. To get more protein, calcium and other nutrients, add Maola milk to your instant oatmeal instead of water for a quick, healthy breakfast.

Snack Attack

Carting the kids to soccer practice, school events and play dates can keep you on the run. Be sure to keep your energy high and your appetite curbed by grabbing Maola single serve milk. Or treat yourself to Maola’s lowfat chocolate milk. It has the same great taste of our regular chocolate milk, but with less fat and fewer calories.

Signature Cereal

Spend time with the kids on Saturday morning by making your own signature cereals. Let your little ones decide what cereal they would like to make by placing ingredients in separate bowls. Cut up bananas, strawberries, apples and other fruit. Set out granola, oatmeal and nuts. Try fun toppings like chocolate syrup, caramel and whipped cream. Be sure to come up with creative names and list on a recipe card.

Kids “Coffeehouse”

At your child’s next sleepover, host a cool “coffeehouse” in your kitchen— without the caffeine! Place Maola lowfat milk in the microwave for two to three minutes; not allowing milk to boil. Remove and whisk rapidly until the milk is frothy. Let your “coffeehouse” customers mix in chocolate chips, peanut butter, decaffeinated coffee or tea, whipped cream or any of their favorite ingredients.