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Got questions about dairy farming?

From Farm to You
Our milk arrives fresh from the farm, and is tested multiple times for safety, quality, shelf-life and flavor.

Dairy flow chart

Our focus on premium quality milk starts with the farmer and his cow and is followed all the way through delivery.

1.  Healthy, well-fed cows are milked by machine, usually twice daily.
2.  The milk is piped into a refrigerated tank where it’s cooled and kept fresh and safe.
3.  Refrigerated tanker trucks pick up the cold milk daily and deliver it to the plant.
4.  At the plant the milk is kept cool and tested many times for quality.
5.  The milk is pasteurized to ensure that it’s safe and wholesome.
6.  The milk is cooled again, then packaged and stored in a refrigerated room.
7.  The milk is loaded onto refrigerated trucks and delivered to restaurants, schools, and supermarkets.